Our mission to build on the strength of children and families through health and fitness by providing a safe and welcoming environment to all children.

  • Provide access to a place where kids are accepted for their current athletic abilities

  • Provide opportunities for children to grow into healthy, happy adults.

  • Assist with any of their goals throughout their lives.

By providing a sanctuary, a safe haven from the temptations that plague many of these children every day, we aspire to provide a state of normalcy to their lives. With training, strict guidelines, community, and a safe learning environment, the youth of Billings will be able to leave ready to dream, to chase those dreams, and pursue any and all goals they might have with the passion that many of us grew accustomed to during our childhood.

All kids can be successful if given the right opportunity.

Dayne Dyer • Founder


We strive to equip young men and women who are mentally strong, physically strong, and spiritually strong. We encourage healthy habits and decision-making in all facets of life.


Our goal is to enrich the community through give-back events and resources. We also want to build up individuals who will engage and enhance their local communities.


We value the family unit and parental involvement. We want the local youth to feel empowered by their families and the larger Billings community.


The idea for “Fore Our Youth” started with a group of friends, some nachos, and a beer. Taylor Kasperick, Blade Stiller, Coleman Rockwell, and Dayne Dyer wanted to make a difference when it came to youth sports. The book “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell claims there are certain factors that contribute to success. Family, Friends, Culture, Community, Time, and Financial Status are all key contributors to whether or not someone has the capability of being successful.

Our goal at Fore our Youth is to provide opportunity. Unfortunately, we cannot control all of those factors that contribute to a child’s success but we can help with some. Friends, Community, Time, and Finances are where we aim to help the youth of Billings.

We don’t want thoughts and conversations around finances, talent, or the lack of support amongst peers to squander those dreams. Where most people look and say “let’s be realistic,” we say “why not!” We are there to provide them with the training, finances, and the support system so when they get their chance they are ready!


You will never have this day again…so let’s make it count. Get involved by donating, sponsoring, recommending a student athlete, or joining the Fore Our Youth community.