Thank you so much for helping make baseball a reality for my 8 year old son, Joshua! When I told him that he was actually going to be able to play baseball this year, he was sooooo excited. He stood with mouth open, hands on his head, pacing back & forth…unable to believe it was true. He even squealed once it processed for him. He asked me several times if it was really true. He asked if he was going to be able to really play an actual baseball game with other players and a coach! He asked if he was going to be able to wear real baseball pants and shoes. He asked if he was going to have to practice every day and play games every day. Excitement bursting out of him with every question. It made my mom-heart swell. My eyes even leaked. There is no better gift than what you gave to my son. Thank you so much for helping a little boy who desperately wanted to play baseball, make that dream come true!!! I appreciate you all and count you in our blessings!!


Thank you from my daughter and myself! She has been so excited and confident about joining Volleyball, she was glad she made the team this year. She worked so hard on getting her grades up and maintaining them as a 7th grader. Thanks for all you do for our youth!!


Thank you for your donation to send my daughter to overnight soccer camp!!! The process was easy to apply and had an answer quickly! She has really fell in love with the sport and is so passionate about soccer she is so excited to go!! Thank you again fore our youth!!


I am beyond thankful for the support Fore Our Youth provides. It has helped me as a mother keep my child busy and healthy. It has helped many students have an outlet and positive activity in their lives. As life becomes more expensive and my income stays the same- I have this support that I’m truly thankful for!


Thank you for helping me with my volleyball equipment, shoes, knee pads, water bottle. It helped me a lot during this great volleyball season.


Thank you for the gift card and I was able to participate in Montana open with the wrestling shoes.


I work in the school district. I have requested your assistance once and again here recently. I’m so grateful for that and you went out of your way to register our student because his coordinator was not in the office. Thank you so much for planting good seeds in our youth!


Thank you. We really appreciate the help with my son’s journey in basketball.


I was able to get new shorts and new sports gear. Thank you.


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